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Veteran's Snow & Lawn Services

we specialize in Commercial property care and residential year round property maintenance‚Äč let us help.

Spring Cleanup

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We have a solution For all your snow removal and lawn care needs

Lawn care includes mowing cutting edging & line trimming to amintain a uniform appearance throughout the summer.  This does not include application of fertilizers or chemicals during summer months.  These services are available upon request.  

Rake/removal of leaves, fertilizer, trim prune bushes/trees where needed, edge and cultivate, remove weeds, spot seed and peat moss, edge line trim cut, weed killer for beds, pre-emergent crab grass killer.

24-HOUR SNOW PLOW NEEDS such as snow removal, shoveling, plowing, clearing sidewalks or porches and salting


Professional experienced in small to large commercial and industrial lots. 

Aerial photography

Drone pilot for all of your aerial photography needs.


Veterans Snow and Lawn Services.  Aerial Photography, Snow removal, snow plowing, snow shoveling, sidewalk porch snow clearing, ice salt melting, lawn care, lawn mowing, grass cutting, lawn treatments and more!

Granger, INdiana and proudly serving the michiana area
Snow Plowing, lawn care and aerial photography


Weekly lawn maintenance